Ten Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Ten Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Ten Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Beautiful pictures of the perfect home and kitchen in a fancy magazine or print advertisement make us want to own one just like that. A kitchen, especially, is a place where we spend a considerable amount of time, planning and cooking meals for our near and dear ones.

Here are 10 useful kitchen remodeling tips for you:

1. Plan Where to Store Items

Clearly plan out where and how you store your gadgets, crockery, vessels and food in your kitchen. Assign specific places for each item, so that you can access them easily. For example, place the microwave dishware in a cabinet close to the gadget; the detergent close to the dishwasher and so on.

2. Allow Space between Gadgets

Allow enough space between your kitchen appliances. Plan to leave a few inches of space near your refrigerator, microwave, oven and so on. Do not cram all your gadgets together. Give all of them some “breathing space” – place them as far away from each other as possible.

3. Create Walking Space

Make sure that it is easy to navigate your way around the kitchen. Place your furniture and gadgets in a way that they do not hamper your movement around the kitchen. Also, ensure that the entrance to the kitchen is not blocked by a refrigerator or a unit. Create ample space for free movement.  Here is a video to help you design your kitchen.

4. Plan Your Kitchen Island

Decide exactly what you want out of your kitchen island. In case you want to cook and eat in the kitchen, plan adequate space on your kitchen island. Also, make sure that your stove top is kept well away from the dining area.

5. Use Built-in Shelves

Create built-in shelves wherever possible, so that they do not protrude outside. You can use the space beneath stairs or in an obscure corner as well. Some even choose to place their microwave or oven inside these shelves. That gives the kitchen a classy look, while saving a good deal of space.

6. Plan Your Countertop

If you are the kind that loves to cook, you will need more space for the countertop. Also, it should ideally be placed between your cooktop and sink.

7. Power-Up Your Kitchen

Ensure that you have sufficient plug-points around the kitchen, so that you can easily work with multiple gadgets at the same time.

8. Keep Dangerous Items Away

Store dangerous items; such as knives, blades and scissors; out of kids’ reach. Plan a small knife drawer to place these items.

9. Create a Kids’ Corner

Create a little spare corner in your kitchen for your kids or your guests to work in, without coming in your way. You could additionally use this space to place your kids’ favorite foods or snacks inside a snug drawer.

10. Use Light Colors

Paint your kitchen using a light color scheme, so that it appears bigger and brighter. Use mild shades on units and have enough windows to make the space appear light and airy. Further, add a few glass doors and shelves to break the monotony.

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